Cambridge, England, June 2007


Nahum Zobin

Professor of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics
College of William and Mary
Williamsburg, Virginia 23187-8793

Tel:  (757) 221-2024 (office)
        (757) 221-1873 (Dept)
Fax:  (757) 221-7400 (Dept)

Office:  Jones Hall,  118.

Research  Interests:

Analysis:  Function Theory, especially spaces of smooth functions and extension theorems;  Operator Theory, especially Jordan decomposition and interpolation of operators,  Nuclear Spaces.

Mathematical Physics:  Quantization, Functional Integrals, Noncommutative Quantum Gauge Field Theory,  Representations and Theta Functions, Chaotic dynamical systems 

Geometry: Convex geometry and Coxeter groups

Algebra: Polynomial automorphisms of affine spaces, Newton Polyhedra

Applied Mathematics: Problems of Plasma Physics, Hydrodynamics of Non-Newtonian fluids, Medical Imaging 



I am coordinating an interdepartmental MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS SEMINAR  which brings together faculty and students from various departments. We meet every Wednesday (including summer breaks), 12:00 – 1:20 pm, usually at Jones 131.

 The seminar continuously works since 2000, we have studied such topics as Hamiltonian and Lagrangian formalisms, Symplectic geometry, Group representations, Chaotic dynamical systems, Introduction to Algebraic Topology, Newton Polyhedra, Quantum Field Theory.

If you wish to be included into the seminars mailing list and receive announcements about our meetings, please send me your email address at

There were other seminars which we conducted in recent years:

SEMINAR on ALGEBRO-GEOMETRIC METHODS IN NONLINEAR EQUATIONS  was working in 2002 -- 2004. We studied such topics as Solitons, Theta Functions, Inverse Scattering Methods.

NONCOMMUTATIVE GEOMETRY SEMINAR was working in 2001 -- 2003. We mostly studied the works of Alain Connes and applications of these ideas to noncommutative quantum gauge field theories.

Whitney Problem page

CV, list of publications, etc.    cvfmt.pdf

RECENT PAPERS (since 1998)

1. Whitney's problem on extendability of functions and an intrinsic metric, Advances in Mathematics, vol. 133, # 1, (1998), 96-132. ext.pdf

Szego extremal problems, Amer. Math. Soc. Transl., 2, vol. 184, (1998), 253-263.(reprints available)

Jordan Decomposition, 1. Geometric Approach, Russian Journal of Mathematical Physics, vol. 6. # 1, (1999), 113-123.jordgeom.pdf

Jordan Decomposition, 2. Analytic Approach, Russian Journal of Mathematical Physics, vol. 6,  # 2, (1999), 235-243.jordanal.pdf

Extension of smooth functions from finitely connected planar domains, Journal of Geometric Analysis, vol. 9, # 3, (1999), 489-509.(reprints available)

6. Some remarks on quasi-equivalence of  bases in Frechet spaces, Linear Algebra and Applications, vol. 307,  #1-3, (2000), 47-67.quasi.pdf

Geometric structure of $B_{2,2}$-orbihedra and interpolation of operators, Linear and Multilin. Algebra, vol. 48, (2000), 67--91, (with V. Zobin) (reprints available)

8. Linear preservers of isomorphic types of lattices of invariant operator ranges,  Proc. of  Amer. Math. Soc., vol. 129, (2001), 2981-- 2986,(with L. Rodman).operng.pdf

On eigenvalues and boundary curvature of the numerical range,  Linear Algebra and Applications, vol. 322,  #1-3, (2001), 129--140, (with L. Caston, M. Savova, I. Spitkovsky).numerng.pdf

Birkhoff's Theorem and convex hulls of Coxeter groups, Linear Algebra and Applications, vol. 347, (2002), 219--231, (with N. McCarthy, D. Ogilvie, I. Spitkovsky).birfi.pdf

Convex hulls of Coxeter groups,  in "Function Spaces, Interpolation Theory and Related Topics", Walter de Gruyter,
Berlin -- New York, (2002), 213--240, (with J. Brandman, J. Fowler, B.Lins, I. Spitkovsky).survbirk.pdf

Noncommutative gauge theory without Lorentz violation,  Phys. Rev. D, vol. 66, (2002), 075001-8 (with C. Carlson, C. Carone).ncft.pdf

Convex geometry of Coxeter-invariant polytopes,  Contemp. Math., vol. 321, (2003), 153--180, (with N. McCarthy, D. Ogilvie, V. Zobin).coxpoly.pdf

Finite reflection groups and linear preserver problems, Rocky Mountains Journal of Mathematics,  34 (2004), 225-252 (with C.K. Li, I. Spitkovsky).lsz.pdf


15. $C^1$ extension of functions and stabilization of Glaeser refinements, Revista Math. Iberoamericana, 23:2 (2007), 635-669,(with B. Klartag) whitney\glaeserrefinements.pdf.



Fall 2008:

Math 412-01 Introduction to Number Theory (TR 3:30 -- 4:50 pm, Small 109), see syllabus

Math 112-03 Calculus 2 (TR 12:30 -- 1:50 pm, Jones 131), see syllabus and a list of homework assignments

Office hours: TR 5:00 – 6:00 pm, and by appointment




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